A breakthrough method in the fight against glioblastoma. “The concept is promising”

In April, in a hospital in Poznań, a patient struggling with an unoperated, primary brain tumor underwent surgery using NanoTherm therapy. Glioblastoma, i.e. a malignant brain tumor, cannot be completely removed, and surgery for a 39-year-old patient was the only chance to extend her life. Dr. Jakub Moskal – neurosurgeon, Szpital Kliniczny im. H. Święcicki in Poznań.

Fighting glioblastoma

Małgorzata and her husband raise three children, including 13-year-old Szymon suffering from paralysis. Due to the care of the boy, the woman quit her job in a bank. Her life turned 180 degrees a few months ago.

– From the beginning of the year I started to feel more exhausted and irritable. Headaches started and lasted for several days in a row. This pain made it impossible for me to take care of the children – said Małgorzata Sawicka-Barcz, the patient.

Małgorzata was diagnosed with a dangerous, malignant first degree tumor – glioma.

– It is not known who and when he will attack, it is not entirely clear why in one person they do not occur in another – said doctor Jeremi Kościński, a neurosurgeon specialist at the Clinical Hospital. H. Święcicki in Poznań.

The Poznań team of Dr. Jakub Moskal, working with German doctors, undertook treatment with an innovative therapy using a special paste called nanogel. The method is to prevent the cancer from recurring in the future. In Poland, patients before chemotherapy have never had such a procedure, and in the world, only a few cases have been reported.

‘This method consists in lining the area of ​​the removed tumor with a special paste – nanogel. Its structure includes metal filings which, under the influence of the appropriate frequency of the magnetic field, cause the temperature to be excited. High temperature destroys cancer cells, weakens them and allows chemotherapy and radiotherapy to work better”

– said Dr. Jakub Moskal, neurosurgeon, Clinical Hospital. H. Święcicki in Poznań.

Małgorzata is after surgery. She underwent the second stage of treatment in a German center due to the availability of specialized equipment. She recently returned to the country.

– Since I am after surgery, I have not felt any headaches. I am gaining more and more strength day by day. I feel well – said the patient.

An innovative method of treating glioblastoma

– Glioblastoma spreads through the brain at the time of diagnosis. He does not locate only in the place we see. It spreads fingerprint over the brain and penetrates other cells. What we see in the research is an accumulation of this tumor and we can remove it. But at the time of diagnosis, these cells are all around. The earlier the diagnosis, the better the prognosis – explained Dr. Jakub Moskal.

After removal of such a tumor, the prognosis is difficult, because after a year, two of them recur despite chemotherapy and radiotherapy. A team of doctors from Poznań has established cooperation with a German center. A new method of fighting glioblastoma has been undertaken.

– We are still waiting for revolutions and trying to find them, but the concept of the gel is promising. Those cells that remain resected can be destroyed, the method is simple and has been used for many years in other locations. Until now, however, it has been a problem to warm up the places in the brain that are infected – he explained.

Treatment is carried out in several cycles, there are 6 of them over a period of 3 weeks. This therapy is supported by other therapies. These actions give the chance of no relapses.

source: Dzien Dobry TVN program



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