A resident of the Wisznice township wants to cover 5,000 kilometers on a raft to the Black Sea. In this way, he wants to promote his town.

– The expedition will not be the easiest one, but it is worth making such an effort – says Andrzej Łagowski, who is planning to go on a cruise in May. – I am planning a trip from the Vistula River, from Kazimierz Dolny to the Black Sea through 8 different countries. The distance I want to cover is around 5,000 kilometers. For this I built a raft. It is on 12 plastic barrels, i.e. it is made on the catamaran principle. 6 barrels on one side, 6 on the other. There is a structure, of course residential. a sleeping tent is set up. There will be a small space where I can cook something. There is a table. The whole raft is powered by an engine, he cites. ⚓🇵🇱

Why did Andrzej Łagowski decide to go on such an expedition? – I laugh that this is already a midlife crisis. Some people buy convertibles, others do other silly things – he replies. – The idea came from the Internet. I started watching various films about rafting trips, about rafting on boats, rafting on the Danube and the Vistula. I decided that I would combine it all, that I would do one large project from the Vistula to the Black Sea – he adds.

– Undoubtedly, it is a promotion of the township. This is how we perceive it. We thank Mr. Andrzej that he wants to promote the Wisznice township in this expedition and we will help as much as we can – says Piotr Dragan, mayor of the Wisznice. – What do I think? A great daredevil, because for two months on a boat in solitude, where you will also sail against the tide – you need to have great courage and boldness to decide on such a trip. We cannot support Mr. Andrzej financially, but at the moment when we can, for example by buying flags or town promotional materials, we always do. However, it is not necessary to provide it. I asked a few sponsors for support as well and I think they will do it or have already done it. – he says. ⚓👋

– As for the entire logistics, I have been preparing for more or less six months, i.e. I have checked the entire route, how many locks. There are almost 100 of these locks. I checked whether they were active. I checked all the ports, places where I could refuel, because it is also very important. This can not be done in every port. I roughly checked the regulations in different countries, whether I would be able to go, whether no one would turn me back – explains Andrzej Łagowski. ❤️

– I am starting my route from Kazimierz Dolny from the port. I go down the Vistula to Bydgoszcz. There, I turn left onto the E70 road, which is the Bydgoszcz canal to the Noteć, to the Warta and to the Oder. From the top of the Oder I enter Berlin through the Hawl Kanal. I’ll take the sewers to Dortmund to the Rhine. On the Rhine and the Main I will go up. This is the most difficult section in my opinion, because these are quite swift rivers with a strong current. Then there is a canal connecting the Danube through Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, a little bit of Ukraine and I’ll reach the Black Sea – describes Andrzej Łagowski

– I think it is a very nice initiative, because not everyone will dare to do something like that. I think this is a big feat. I am very happy. I wish Mr. Łagowski good luck – says Damian Frątczak. – I think that every town deserves to be promoted, because every city and township in Poland is unique in its own way. It is good for us to know our country, what it is famous for, and what places are worth visiting. I think that such an initiative will help promote Wisznice, because it is worth coming here and seeing and visiting – he adds.

– This is the first time in the history of the township, as far as I know, the flag of the tjown of Wisznice was made. It is unique, the only flag of the Wisznice township. It will be on a raft, it will cross 8 countries and 5,000 kilometers – adds Andrzej Łagowski.

The cost of Andrzej Łagowski’s expedition is about PLN 20,000. The sponsors have declared the money for the expedition. Let us add that the cost of building the raft was not much, about a thousand zlotys.

(source: Radio Lublin and Dzien Dobry TVN)

Good Luck, Andrzej !!! ❤️👋



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