Polish building block designers from Łódź thrill and find recognition.

Blocks worthy of an Oscar. Designers from Łódź received an important distinction: “We tell about architecture in a unique way”

There is still some time till the Oscars. But we turn the tales from those of the screen to those about architecture. Marta Nowacka and Łukasz Orzechowski – a duo of designers from Łódź – received quite a distinction. For the concept of “architectural blocks” they were awarded a silver medal at the International Design Competition in Los Angeles in the Teaching Aids category. The award is called the “Architectural Oscar”.

What does this achievement mean for a Polish start-up?

Archizo – Marta Nowacka and Łukasz Orzechowski – is an Oscar-sized star-up

Designers Marta Nowak and Łukasz Orzechowski have known each other for a long time – or more precisely, since high school. They are a pair of friends who have been brought together by a common business.🇵🇱🏆❤

Klocki was created 6 years ago, when I created workshops on the architectural identity of Łódź. I needed to find an effective way to tell children and young people about architecture. Since there were no such blocks, I decided to design them and invited Łukasz to cooperate – explains Marta Nowacka.

They both try to translate contemporary architecture into blocks so that the audience can learn about aesthetics and history through play. 🇵🇱❤

The blocks are made of acrylic glass.

It is a very noble material. It allows you to obtain a stained glass effect – explains Łukasz Orzechowski.

The beautiful appearance and educational mission of the block design won them the architectural Oscars. The International Design Awards was awarded to the Polish start-up because it draws attention to graphic trends and historical aspects with its projects.

Building blocks that teach architecture

This is not the only award given to the Archizo duo. Their blocks received, among others award in the “Must have” competition organized by the Łódź Design Festival. In addition, the designers also received a bronze medal in the international competition “Design that Educates Awards”. However, it is definitely the architectural “Oscar” that is a special honor for them. 🇵🏆❤

What are their hopes for?

– We talk about architecture in a unique way (…) It is a huge distinction, and at the same time appreciation of a project that did not exist before

– they say in unison.

(source: Dzien Dobry TVN programm)

Thumbs up to your great ideas! Wish you continuing successes!! 👍


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