A 14 year old from Poland had a ground breaking brain surgery during which she had to be talking.

A 14-year-old girl, who had a brain tumor removed, talked to surgeons during the operation. The left part of the brain is responsible for speech, and this is where the 14-year-old girl had a tumor. Therefore, during the operation, she was aware all the time and the doctors talked to her all the time. It worked – it is a great success, because such operations are hardly performed in children.

Cordelia Sitbon is fourteen years old and very lucky – doctors removed a huge, seven-centimeter tumor with a cyst from her brain.

– I’m fine so far. I didn’t feel well for a few days, but now I’m feeling better, Cordelia says. 👋

Two centers in the girl’s brain were at risk: one responsible for moving the mouth and larynx, and the other, responsible for speech understanding and hearing. They work together, and the tumor has just grown so large that it has started to push them apart. – The uniqueness of this operation was that the child is bilingual, because the father is an American, she speaks both Polish and English, and the tumor was located in the so-called eloquent center of the brain, i.e. where the speech is located – explains Dr. n. med. Andrzej Kurza, head of the Department of Neurosurgery of the Lower Silesian Specialist Hospital T. Marciniak. That is why the doctors had to wake the girl up during the operation and talk to her – both in Polish and English, to check if the patient spoke, what she speaks and in which language. The idea was not to damage any important structure. ⚕👋

Operation a success

The girl will continue to speak both languages. Such operations on the open skull, when you have to talk to the patient during the procedure, are performed as standard in adults. However, it is more difficult with a child. Above all, it must feel safe. Therefore, a psychologist also participated in the operation. 👩⚕🧑‍👋

– It is not possible to establish good contact with a patient who has an open skull and a neurosurgeon, while there is, frankly speaking, rumming in the brain, without establishing a certain bond of understanding – says Dr. Lech Kipiński, neurologist and neurophysiologist.

Cordelia’s large brain tumor was slowly growing in size, so no one saw the problem for a long time. – Before the operation, my daughter suddenly developed headaches and double vision. So we went to the ophthalmologist with that, and he said it could be a brain tumor, ”explains Gaston Sitbon, Cordelia’s father. The girl is waiting for further treatment, but for now she is going home. She feels well enough to be able to go back to school – of course, to remote lessons.

(source: Fakty TVN)

Recover quickly and stay healthy Cordelia!!! ❤



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