The future prospects for Polish boxing are steady

The 17-year-old from Poland became the runner-up champion of the junior world. “Some people were going to party, I was going to training”

Jakub Straszewski, a 17-year-old from Włocławek, won the junior world vice-champion title, thus repeating the achievement of Andrzej Gołota in 1985. The young boxer sacrificed a lot to be in this place, but as he himself emphasizes – it was worth it.
Jakub Straszewski – famous interview

The young boxer became particularly famous not only because of his sports achievements. The media’s attention was drawn to an emotional interview he gave right after the fight, addressing his mother. The tough competitor in the ring with tears in his eyes said that he loved her and thanked her for the support he received from the family. ❤️

– I knew that my mother was stressed, I wanted to show her that I am fine – explained Jakub. “Mom was concerned due to a competitor who died as a result of injuries during the championship,” he added.

To develop his passion, he left the family home as a teenager. Taking up his education at the sports championship school, he had to move all the way to Szczecin. 🥊🇵🇱

– At school he had friends who came from Szczecin and returned home after training – said Anna Straszewska, Jakub’s mother. – There were times when we couldn’t part, there were hesitations, maybe he should come back.

Jakub Straszewski’s sports career

Jakub’s love for boxing came from home – both his father and grandfather practiced this sport. – Kuba is a carbon copy of my dad. When I saw him for the first time in training, I said to myself: “all dad”. Moves, boxing position, there was only a difference in weight – said Jakub’s coach. – Now he is diligent, but when he was a child, you had to stand with a whip and chase him a bit. And now the boy knows what he wants. ❤️🥊🥈🇵🇱👏

The runner-up in the world championship admits that the title gave him a lot of satisfaction, but it is the result of hard work and many sacrifices.

– I gave up a lot to be where I am now. Others went to party, I went to training or home to get some sleep and regenerate – emphasized Jakub and added that his greatest dream is Olympic gold. “This is something beautiful,” he said.

(source: Dzien Dobry TVN program)

Good luck and successes Jakub, Thanks to your mother on this Polish Mothers’ Day!! ❤️👏



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