Warsaw is recognized as a top location for vegan and vegetarian restaurants by Happy Cow (see their writeup below)

The number of vegan options continues to grow in 2019, with 50 vegan restaurants now in a five-mile radius, and with most of those within just a one-mile radius. The density of vegan restaurants in Warsaw makes it incredibly convenient to walk from restaurant to restaurant. Warsaw’s famous vegan burger joint Krowarzywa‘s added its fifth location, based upon its success of having been voted twice as the “Best Burger in Warsaw,” beating out all competing meat burgers, and now carries the famous Beyond Burger as do several other restaurants in Warsaw. Another new burger joint called Warzywiarnia is quickly becoming popular.

The city has two spectacular vegan sushi restaurants, Edamame and Youmiko Vegan Sushi; an excellent vegan Italian restaurant, Leonardo Verde; three ramen restaurants, Uki Green and two locations of the world-class vegan ramen restaurant, Vegan Ramen Shop; and a number of other classic restaurants including Vege Miasto, and its new larger and more elegant sister restaurant Caffe Miasto, which serves amazing breakfasts with a dozen options including tofu scramble and pancakes. Lokal Vegan Bistro and Vege Bistro also showcase vegan versions of traditional Polish dishes such as pierogi (dumplings), golabki (cabbage rolls), and Schabowy (meat cutlets) and newcomer Vege Malpa is expanding, already with two locations and superb Polish and fusion lunch options. For outstanding Mediterranean-influenced fusion food, with its four locations, Mango Vegan is a popular choice, and Momencik is still one of the top-rated cafes in Warsaw, serving Mexican-inspired burritos and nachos.

There are also a growing number of excellent middle eastern/falafel restaurants including FalafeLove, with its two locations, Tel Aviv Urban Food with three locations, Falafel Beirut, Veg4seasons, Falafel Full, and Falafel Zudi. Vegestacja offers superb vegan ice cream. If you are craving Asian/Chinese food, Soy Soy is a great choice. The latest vegan restaurant additions to Warsaw include International/fusion cuisine restaurants No Problem vegan restaurant/music bar and Bistro Zjeść. More and more restaurants are adding vegan options to their menus and earlier this year, the Beyond Burger premiered in Warsaw and has since been available in many stores and restaurants in Warsaw and throughout Poland. Many new vegan options are available in stores, including products made by Polish companies that previously specialized in other foods.

Lokal Dela Krem serves gorgeous cakes and other baked goods; and, if you are seeking desserts with the healthiest ingredients in the city, Słodki Bez is a fine choice.

Physalis confectionery creates superb to-order cakes, pies, pastries, and macaroons. Warsaw has two vegan grocery stores, Evergreen and TerraVege; a vegan and organic certified wine shop, Solvino Bio; a new vegan shoe store, Ananas; and even two vegan nail salons, Salon Wisla & Nailed It.

Within a five-mile radius, HappyCow has over 150 listings for veg-friendly options in the city of Warsaw, and this city’s vegan scene continues to flourish and grow.


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