What do astronomy and gingerbread have in common? Well, the answer to that eternal question is Torun.

A bit of history…..the city was founded in 1233 by the Teutonic Knights who built a formidable fortress that stands to this day and is a UNESCO sight, greeting visitors from near and far. The city boasts a vast variety of attractions including stained glass, goldsmiths artisan works, woodcarving, and painting. This all set on the beautiful banks of the Vistula River. 👍

In it’s long historic journey Torun can be considered the birthplace of modern astronomy as Nicolas Copernicus was born in this city, and actually this famous scholar spent much his life here. Today, this Hanseatic city of over 200,000 inhabitants is host to over 2.5 million visitors a year thanks to a broad selection of tourist attractions ready for extensive exploration. In addition to the numerous architectural monuments, you will find a state of the art planetarium, museums of varoius types, including a live museum of gingerbread. Here kids (as well as adults) actually make their own gingerbread creations. You have to experiece this to fully appreciate it. 💖 Given its history it’s no wonder that Torun is such a vibrant and interesting place. 👌

Additionally, it is less than a two hour drive to the spectacular Malbork Castle, Europe’s largest, which was the seat of the Teutonic Knights, in the times when they were a dominant force in the region.

On the culinary side…..Torun offers something for everyone as there are pleanty of restaurants for a variety of budgets. When I visited Torun with my girls we had a wonderful meal in a gorgeous garden at Roze i Zen (Roses and Zen).  Give it a try! 🍷🍎👍



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