Farm tourism will gain popularity

Farm tourism is a rural type of tourism that has become increasingly popular. In Poland it was known as “holiday under the pear tree”.🌳 Originally it was offered as a holiday option by spending time with a farm family at an operating farm. Today it is often an interesting proposition for families with kids keen on experiencing something different and broadening their life experiences. In the last years in Poland farm tourism spots have developed in a huge way and now are also thriving accommodation facilities, focused mainly on receiving tourists. 🌳🚜🐴

In addition to overnight accommodation, homemade farm to table meals, you can take advantage of various additional attractions, such as: horseback riding, cycling, hiking, water sports, preparation of traditional regional dishes, wine or local liqeur tasting, learning of handicrafts, etc. Now some offers are directed to adults only, or with age restrictions for kids, ,,,, that is less common but something to keep in mind for some. Many farm tourism places are often run by various types of interesting people. Some that have chosen the rural life after living in the cities or in other countries. Sometimes these are artists, sometimes former corporate executives. What is sure is that you may hear some very interesting life stories and have stimulating conversation. 🐇🐄🐑

Farm tourism is usually located in regions attractive for tourists (mountains, lakes, sea, forests). To its advantage Poland has it all. The farms are also categorized in accordance with the number of Suns awarded them – the more Suns – the higher the category. 🌞

There are 4 categories:
• STANDARD category – no sun,
• first category – one sunshine,
• category two – two suns,
• category three – three suns.

See You on the farm!! 🐴🦉🍓


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