Polish celebrity photographer Marcin Tyszka talks about His Pad

Marcin created his own tropical paradise in the Center of Warsaw

His apartment itself has over 300 plants and the rooftop garden about 2,000 Marcin claims. “This is the only garden of this type in Poland.  The first rooftop one on this scale.” he cites. Some other people are taking the cue from Marcin. One is popular young actress, Julia Wieniawa, for whom he has created a California style garden next door. For another person Marcin designed a bamboo garden. Green rooftop gardens are a trend that will evolve dynamically in Poland. Much like in Berlin, Barcelona and Milan. 😃🌴

When a pest appears, it freaks out, doesn’t know where it is, and flies away. I have oleanders on the terrace all year round, and the palm trees have been my fifth since I moved in, there is a beautiful New Zealand flax. These are all evergreen plants, the garden looks the same all year round. I really like magnolia grandiflora because it is a magnolia that does not shed leaves and blooms in July. I try to choose the species so that even when you go outside in January, it will be green here.”

Marcin! Make Poland even greener than it is!! Best of Luck! 😃

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