Maria Ines Gul, a Polish illustrator living in London racks up more professional successes

Maria designed a badge with an OK symbol, which was part of her masters thesis. It was copied by a very large chain store and about another 50 companies from various parts of the world. Some of the companies’ lawyers contacted her later which helped her get some royalties to further her career.™👌

Maria’s career has blossomed with numerous projects from an array of companies including: New York Times, Apple, Adobe, Virgin, Mercedes-Benz, YouTube, Tate, Soho House, L’Officiel, John Lewis, Allure, London Fashion Week as well as  Warner Music. ✏

In an interview on Polish television on March 23rd Maria has indicated that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing fashion houses are more prone to use illustarators rather than live model shoots. After a brief slowdown in her professional career she is now very busy with new projects.

A gratifying and prosperous career is assured for Maria!


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