Poland is deifinitely the place for visiting and enjoying wholesome naturally harvested food. Come and check it out yourself.

The unique taste and aroma of Suska Sechlońska is known throughout Poland.

Suska Sechlońska is nothing but a variety of dried plums. Irena Szewczyk, the producer of the specialty, explained to  Mikołaj Rey,  He explores why the product is called this and not otherwise.

– The whole town of Sechna, that is Stara Sechna, was named after drying (…). This is a place that has special conditions for everything to cool down. Suska means dry, and Sechlońska, because it is precisely from here – she explained. ❤️

800 years ago, the Hungarian plum was brought to the Beskid Wyspowy by Princess Kinga, who planted fruit trees in her lands. And so to this day, the Hungarian plum grows in Małopolska (Lesser Poland).
– Here you are not amongst Polish highlanders (i.e. Górale), you are amongst the Lachs, who actually is the name for a resident of the Beskid Wyspowy. 

This place distinguishes itself by the fact that it has very deep valleys. The valleys are warm and sunny. In our part of the Beskid Wyspowy grows the Hungarian plum – emphasizes Irena Szewczyk.

Suska Sechlońska – how is it made?

The fact that plums grow is one thing, and the other is drying them. Where did this custom come from? – Our countrymen very quickly realized that the boilers they got from the Poor Clares can be used differently. Our parish priests ordered the peasants to pick plums to protect them from drunkenness. Suska sechlońska is the effect of prohibition – recalls Irena Szewczyk. 👌

The producer of Suska Sechlońska explains that her whole life is associated with plums. – From childhood, my whole life is associated with plums, with a drying room and the smell of a dried house
– she says.

Such prepared Suska Sechlońska can be added to many dishes, incl. dumplings and cakes.

(source: Dzien Dobry TVN program)

Love the “natural food” aspects of Poland!!!❤️👌❤️


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