A quick lunch at Miesny bistro

I found out about Mięsny bistro from my Chef friend and culinary TV personality, Tomek Jakubiak. Tomek, in one of his TV episodes proclaimed Miesny one of the best places for good/quality meat in Warsaw. And when Tomek says something is “worth it” I take that at face value. Anyway, as the bistro is just a hop away from central Warsaw, I decided to take a look at what they offer for their lunch special yesterday. Hmm, Solyanka soup and main course of short-loin beef for PLN 25 (about $6.60!!). 🍴🥩😃

 Mięsny is located at a pretty quiet corner of beautiful Saska Kepa neighborhood, just across the river from central Warsaw. The restaurant is staffed by the owners, founders and original project enthusiasts and you feel that this is a real foodie establishment. On one hand it is a true meat shop where you can order an array of high quality meats and cold cuts to take home. And at the same time the space serves as a bistro with tables for maybe 20 people. Cozy and European feel, for sure.🥩🍷☝

When it comes to quality of what arrives on your table I don’t think you risk being disappointed. The Solyanka soup was a hearty combination of vegetables complemented by pulled meats and thin sausage. Then, came the main course in a perfectly prepared gravy on mashed potatoes and hot red beet squares. On the side I also got a small bowl of raw red cabbage ….. which went nicely with the homemade lemonade (with ecological glass straw) that I also ordered. All in all, I have to give Miesny well deserved high marks. It is also listed in the Gault & Millau culinary guide. Warsaw is amazing when it comes to food. You have everything here……and the price for this is super reasonable. 😃✌


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