Sailing success of Zofia Truchanowicz

Zofia Truchanowicz is the only Pole at the America’s Cup. “This is preceded by many years of efforts”

Dreams are there to make them come true. Zofia Truchanowicz knows it well – the only Polish woman at the America’s Cup and the only woman among the judges. This is not the first such a prestigious competition in her career.

The America’s Cup is the largest sailing competition in the world – its history goes back to the beginnings of the modern Olympic Games. Zofia Truchanowicz is one of the judges in the competition – for a Polish woman it is a dream come true that she has come to terms with for years.

The only Polish woman in the America’s Cup

Zofia Truchanowicz told more about her passion in an interview with Katarzyna Olubińska-Godlewska. This year’s regatta takes place in Auckland, New Zealand. There are five judges, and the Polish woman is the only woman performing this function.

– You have to be nominated for such regattas, which is preceded by many years of efforts, work and gathering experience. We do not decide – she said.

Unlike other sports competitions, the America’s Cup does not last a few days – it is a much longer event and there are numerous qualifying rounds first. 👍⛵

– We have been here since December, we have almost half of March and in fact, this final of the finals took place only on Wednesday – explained Truchanowicz.

Behind the scenes of the America’s Cup

The team of referees is divided into two groups: three work on the shore and two on the water. The judges have two 10-meter motorboats and it is the highest class equipment. Zofia Truchanowicz makes no secret that, regardless of the competition’s prestige, it is just another working day for her.

– I think it helps a lot in dealing with pressure. The moment you switch to this autopilot, you do not think about the fact that you have two helicopters over you, a TV catamaran and that it is broadcast live (…) We are just on the water and we are doing our job – she explained🇵🇱⛵.

Sailing has always been present in the life of Zofia Truchanowicz. It was her father who infected her with this passion. Even though she shared a love for sports, she finally opted for education. However, she lacked sails and wondered how to use the acquired knowledge and experience – the choice fell on being a judge.❤⛵

– I was 22 when I became an international judge. (…) I took part in the Olympic Games three times – recalls Truchanowicz.

(source: Dzien Dobry TVN program)

Many successes.Zofia!!


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