Amber, a beautiful resin

The treasure of the north, or the treasure of the Polish sea – these are both terms for Amber. đź’Ž

Called the “stone of life” although it is not really a stone. It is a resin created in ancient trees, which the Baltic spurts out onto the shore. The Baltic Sea is relatively young. Once upon a time there were huge forests (their history goes back 50 million years) whose trees were covered with resin. It is not entirely clear why. Perhaps it was protection against climate change or damage. Not only small stones, pieces of trees, needles and leaves were embedded in the resin, but also living organisms. đź’Žđź’°

Amber is best sought after a storm. Then it is most likely that small pieces of this golden resin will be  thrown out by the sea entangled in seaweed. It is said that the best time of the year to stroll along the coast and find amber is autumn and spring.

The health properties of amber were already recognized in Antiquity. It is considered a remedy for all kinds of pains: from the throat, through joints, rheumatic pains, dental or thyroid problems. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is said that the stone worn around the heart has calming and even self-confidence properties. A few drops of tincture rubbed on the forehead will relieve migraines. đź’Žđź’°

Many people may have difficulty recognizing whether it’s amber. Because its color and transparency may vary. The best way to evaluate our find is a heat test: ordinary stone is cold and the amber held in our hands will always be pleasantly warm. Just warm it up a little to make it smell nice with resin. Ultimately, you can try to puncture it with a gently glowing pin: if it goes in smoothly, it means that we definitely hold real amber in our hands.

Gdansk’s Old Town is a popular place for shpping for amber jewelry. Other cities Like Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw will also have their share of amber jewelry shops where you can find some beautifully crafted wares.


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