Hello Everyone!  My name is Peter. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you’ll find it informative. I feel very comfortable amking the broad declaration that Poland is a great country to visit. Perhaps it hasn’t been on your “to visit” list up to now?

In my blog I try to focus on what is available on a quality level in Poland and at the same time is comparatively a good value, from my personal experience. Things like health resorts, medical and dental services, restaurants and food culture. In short, Poland is a great place for vacationing, or mixing health related tourism with enjoyment. It is truly amazing! 😀

A few more words about me:

The years I spent in New York City were wonderful, particularly as a student and later as a Wall Street trader.

I relished what the City had to offer, particularly the restaurants and cultural attractions. I was a real foodie who never used his kitchen (I am not kidding, I ate out at restaurants virtually every evening and breakfast and lunch “take out” meals were usually consumed on the trading desk at the bank where I worked). It was great.

When I had enough of number crunching I decided to spend some time in Poland where I had some relatives.

Months turned into years and I’ve been here for quite a while by now and in the last decade or so I have witnessed an unbelievable blossoming of the local culinary scene and offering of spectacular places to stay (hotels, resorts, spas and the like). And additionally I have actually become the “chef” in my family home.

I’d like to share some of my insights about Poland with you and this is why I am starting this blog. 😄