A romantic wolf travels a long way to find his true love

The romantic wolf Gustav traveled 10,000 km to find a partner. Will he manage to start a family?

Gustav, the wolf is a real wanderer who has traveled as much as 10,000 kilometers in 1.5 years. According to data from the GPS transmitter that was installed on it, it came from central Germany to Pomerania. All this to find a partner and start a family. Whether he will succeed was told on Dzień Dobry TVN by Dr. Maciej Szewczyk, a scientist and biologist from the Faculty of Biology at the University of Gdańsk.

Gustav’s journey

The wolf Gustav set off from the German Dessau 1.5 years ago. During this time, he traveled as many as 10,000. km to find yourself in Polish Pomerania. On the way there were, among others in Hamburg, Leipzig and Rostock. Currently, he has visited Gdańsk, where he has been staying since April 2020. During its journey, it crossed 27 highways, hundreds of state roads and two rivers.

– Gustav is at the forefront of such wanderers, but this is absolutely not a record. In general, wolves are a species with enormous abilities to move quickly and far – whether it is long distances during this journey in search of new territory or in the case of those sedentary wolves that already have their family within their own territory – he explained Good TVN biologist. 🐾🇩🇪🇵🇱

The route of a nearly 3-year-old wolf is carefully followed thanks to a device installed by foreign scientists.

– The German researchers with whom we cooperate established the so-called telemetry collar, i.e. it is a collar with quite a powerful battery. (…) Once or twice a day, this device sends information to scientists about the current location of the wolf and its position from the last few hours. (…) At specified intervals, a very precise GPS location is recorded and this data is sent via the cellular network – said Dr. Maciej Szewczyk.

Wolf lifestyle

Wolves usually undertake such a journey only once in their life. It happens when they separate from their parents and start living “on their own”. The journey ends when the wolf finds a mate for reproduction and a fragment of free space where they can settle. 🐾🇩🇪🇵🇱

– Wolves have just such stages in life, i.e. they are sedentary first, live with their family group, then after separation – especially young males – they can wander for very long distances, but when they manage to meet their partner and take a piece of free time territory – because at the moment it is not easy to find – they stay – revealed a specialist from the Faculty of Biology at the University of Gdańsk. 🐾

Young wolves, living in the place where they were born, hunt together with their parents and siblings (although they mainly use what their parents catch). However, in the new place, they are on their own, and they must avoid strangers of their race. Wandering and then the first months in a new place is a very difficult time, because then most young wolves die (at the hands of people, under the wheels of cars, bitten by other wolves, or from hunger and disease).

– Wolves are generally family animals. The so-called a pack is simply a group of parents and their offspring from the last two or three years. However, it always comes to the point where the young wolf reaches maturity and decides that you have to start living on your own – said the biologist.

The romantic love of the wolf Gustav

Gustav wandered and dreamed of meeting the chosen one of his heart. Now it seems that after traveling these thousands of kilometers he has managed to find a companion in life. And it is on Polish soil.

– The last tracking and recordings from camera traps, which I made with a team of students just before Christmas, gave the answer that yes – he managed to find his territory and a partner in Pomerania, with whom he has probably only been for a few weeks, but they are already marking the area, walking on the beach, on the dunes … I would say quite romantic places – revealed the scientist. 🐾🇵🇱

Everything indicates that in the coming months – unless something bad happens to one of these partners – Gustav will finally have his pack.

– So far they are walking, but generally, let’s say late winter – February, beginning of March – well, this is the heat of wolves. You can also expect that in about 4 months they can have puppies and set up their settled group – revealed Dr. Maciej Szewczyk.

They will then have a huge area at their disposal, because these few wolves will settle on a territory larger than the area of the whole Warsaw – about 400 square kilometers.

Glad that you didn’t look for love in all the wrong places🤪!!!

(source: DDTVN program)


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