Katarzyna Przybyla is a Polish PhD student who has come up with a method for desalinating brine.

Icemill is a project prepared by Katarzyna Przybyła, a PhD student at the Wrocław University of Technology.

The device is to allow you to obtain fresh drinking water from the oceans. “Icemill – pure water global sustainability” is a concept of a huge installation that resembles a ferris wheel. The device allows you to obtain drinking water from the oceans. The PhD student used the phenomenon of desalination by freezing. The method of operation is based on the phenomenon of crystallization of water molecules, what is important, the freezing point of pure water is higher than that of sea water. Therefore, pure water molecules first crystallize, separating from the solution in the form of ice. 🎡❄

Compared to other technologies, freezing is less energy-consuming and cheaper, and due to the negative operating temperature, it significantly reduces corrosion – explains Katarzyna Przybyła. The scientist proposes to build a special structure with a gyroscope structure. The outer cylinder would serve to make ice and could rotate independently of the inner part. Inside the cylinders, the ice mill would rotate in accordance with the three-phase desalination cycle: producing, cleaning and melting the ice. Ice would be produced in tanks installed on top of refrigerators. The reservoir would be a tapered cylinder to aid in the ice cleaning process. The brine would flow out on its own, and gravity would drag it back into the ocean. ❄🌦

The red cylinders would then be detached and shipped ashore. In this way, a continuous supply of drinking water for people can be maintained. It is important that we think now about the problem of the lack of drinking water, which may increase in the future.

Katarzyna Przybyła’s Icemill project won first place in the reThinking Competition, a distinction in the Evolo Skyscraper and an honorary distinction in the Jacques Rougerie Competition. The latter is co-organized by the French Academy of Sciences.

Currently, Katarzyna Przybyła is working on a doctoral dissertation on contemporary possibilities and perspectives of shaping underwater habitats. Icemill is part of this research on the desalination of seawater to supply habitats with drinking water. ❤

(source: Mad White quarterly magazine)




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