He’s a 53 year old record holder for long distance longboard. How did Wotek Warcinski do it?

Wojciech Warciński, who has been driving long-distance longboard for several years, broke the world record. In the vicinity of Amsterdam, he traveled 441 km in 24 hours. He told Poland’s Dzień Dobry TVN about his success and plans for the next year.

Record holder in longboarding 🛹👋

He didn’t get off the board for 24 hours. Riding on flat terrain, Wojciech Warciński covered 441 km during the day and thus broke the world record. How did he do it?

Just like that (…) It is a matter of fitness preparation – cites

The 53-year-old started his adventure with longboarding just four years ago. What is a longboard? It’s a longer version of a normal skateboard. Traditional longboards have a length of about 68 cm to even 150 cm. Due to their construction, they allow you to reach much higher speeds than a normal skateboard. Wojciech says that he does not remember exactly what his quirk started with. However, this is not his only passion for sports.🛹☝️ 

Sports passions

Wojciech Warciński graduated from the Academy of Physical Education. He had much to do with sports since he was a child. In the 90s a moment came when he gained weight – he weighed over 100 kg. He motivated himself to go back to taking care of his fitness.

The desire to lose unwanted weight led to the fact that I took part in several cycling marathons, ran twenty-thirty marathons and entered the triathlon–  he explains.

He has finished this kind of race seven times. What is his next goal? Travel 300 miles.

Virtually five people in the world have traveled 300 miles on a longboard. I think I can afford this result

-he adds.

Keep on keepin’ on, Wojtek!


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