Polish film festivals make their mark again.

.The 45th Polish Feature Film Festival has come to an end and we already know the winners. This year’s Golden Lions went to “Kill it and leave this town” by Mariusz Wilczyński, and the Silver Lions – “Sweat” by Magnus von Horn. The film “25 years of innocence. The case of Tomek Komenda” was also a success. The day after the great event, Kinga Burzyńska spoke to the newborn – Piotr Trojan and Jan Holoubek.

45th Polish Feature Film Festival

During the 45th Polish Film Festival, the jury composed of Lech Majewski (Jury Chairman), Grażyna Błęcka-Kolska, Cezary Pazura, Marcin Lenarczyk, Klaudia Śmieja-Rostworowska, Dorota Masłowska, Ryszard Lenczewski, and Jan P. Matuszyński selected winners in several categories. The Platinum Lions award in recognition of lifetime artistic achievements went to Feliks Falk and Andrzej Barański. 🏆

The Golden Lions award at the 45th Gdynia Film Festival for the best film went to director Mariusz Wilczyński and producers Agnieszka Ścibior, and Ewa Puszczyńska for “Kill it and leave this town”. In turn, the Silver Lions went to director Magnus von Horn and producer Mariusz Włodarski for “Sweat”. The Golden Claw in the “Different Look” category went to director Maciej Bochniak and producers Leszek Bodzak, and Aneta Hickinbotham for the film “Magnezja”. ❤️🇵🇱🏆

The award was also given to Jan Holoubek for his directorial debut “25 years of innocence. Tomek Komenda’s case” and Piotr Trojan for a leading role in the same film. Magdalena Koleśnik for “Sweat” was recognized among the best actresses in the leading roles, for the supporting role of Aleksander Konieczn. It is worth noting that our hosts, Anna Kalczyńska and Andrzej Sołtysik, also appeared in this production.

We are very pleased that the director Magnus von Horn has woven an important scene of the film into the scenery of our “Dzień Dobry TVN” and that Andrzej and I have the grateful role of playing themselves. We are pleased with the creators’ success and we look forward to the premiere and the future of this production! As you know, this year the Cannes festival did not take place, but in the official selection of the festival, “Sweat” was the only Polish title.

– wrote Anna Kalczyńska on Instagram. ❤️🇵🇱

(source: Dzien Dobry TVN program)



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